Sunday, 8 June 2014

Latest News on the Norwood Cork Tree

Coles Developers have lodged an appeal to the ERD Court for approval of their Development Application and the matter has been deferred to a Conciliation Conference with a view to Coles overcoming the DAP’s reasons for refusal of the application.
After the Conciliation Conference takes place on 3 July 2014, the amended plans will be analysed by Council Staff, prior to a DAP hearing on the matter. It is unlikely that this process will be finalized before the DAP meeting of 18 August 2014.
It appears that the developers wish to make modifications to their plans that will help to overcome the objections stated by the Development Assessment Panel when they refused the application. There were three principal objections, roughly: insufficient allowance for parking, removal of significant and regulated trees and finally, the frontage to Edward St.
When the new amended development plan becomes available, we will inform you. 
In the meantime, please encourage your friends to sign the petition. 
Save the Norwood Cork Tree petition site

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