Arrangements for care of the Norwood Cork Tree

The development of the site will start on 1 March 2021 and is scheduled to finish in March 2023.  I have been advised of the following arrangements by Australasian Property Developments for the care of the tree during the construction period. WATER TREE ONCE A WEEK ON A SEVEN DAY CYCLE – around 150-200 litres at a time                 PROVIDE ‘COTTAGE MULCH’ – around 4 cubic metres                 PROVIDE SEA-SOL IN THE WATER AROUND ONCE A MONTH   The above will start on site from this coming Monday / Tuesday and will continue on till the construction phase of project ends, when a fully operational irrigation system will be installed   We also note that temporary fencing will be provided around the tree roots zone during construction  

Information about the timeline for the development

According to the letter from the developer APD, work will commence on 1 March and the whole site will be fenced off. Work will continue on construction for the next two year until March 2023. There is no mention of any plans for the cork tree during that period and access to the site will be restricted. The only link I have is to Facebook Norwood Residents Association  letter from the developer

Development about to start

All the shops have now closed.  I photographed some smaller dead branches on the cork tree, indicating that the tree may be under some stress. The long period with a broken watering system and relying mostly on rain alone is causing problems.  The new owner Australasian Property Developments  I have been told will now take possession of the site on 1 March. Then the place will become a building site for around two years. We await news of watering arrangements for the next two years.  Cork trees in their natural habitat are under increasing stress because of climatic changes and the same stressors apply here.

The Norwood Cork Tree January 2020

Shops on the Coles development site are already vacant or have posted notices that they are moving to other addresses. The newsagent will close on 15 January.  It appears that action on the site is planned soon. Perhaps in February 2020? Here are some pictures of the cork tree  taken today, 3 January 2020. 

SCAP Approval of Development Proposal by APD

At the hearing on 23 January 2020, SCAP approved the development plan by Australasian Property Developments for the Coles site in Norwood.  The Norwood Cork Tree will be maintained in the current position, with an enlarged garden bed and permeable paving replacing t he asphalt in nearby car parks and footpath. The River Red Gum in the carpark will also have an enlarged garden bed, as will the River Red Gum on the north-east part of the site. There will be removal of several ot her regulated and significant trees on the George St boundary and the southern boundary, as well as mature plane trees in the car park. The revamped car park will be landscaped with replacement vegetation and a vine-covered pergola will cover the access road on the southern entry from George St. The cork tree will be protected by fencing during the construction period, expected to take around 20 months from September 2020. The developer has agreed to install signage near the cork tree detailing its h

Proposed Redevelopment of Norwood Mall will Preserve the Cork Tree

The proposed development of Norwood Mall by local property developer Australasian Property Develpoments (APD) will preserve the Norwood Cork Tree, according to a report in The Advertiser of 19 January 2019. The site has been purchased by APD, which plans to build two levels of offices and car parking above a retail space that will incorporate new retail stores, as well as an expanded Coles supermarket. Close to 50 two storey townhouses will be constructed on the upper levels as a 'floating village'. In addition it is planned to build seven three-storey residences on George St and two homes on Edward St. A total of 150 additional car parks will be provided as part of the project. The Advertiser article states that APD will lodge its plans for development approval and release detailed artist's impressions in the second quarter of 2019. Construction is expected to start in 12 to 18 months and take approximately two years to complete. We will be interested to see how

A thank you to supporters of Save the Norwood Cork Tree campaign

Dear Friends of the Norwood Cork Tree, I am writing on behalf of the group to express our appreciation for your contribution to the campaign to save the Norwood Cork Tree. Thanks to the combined efforts of the community, the cork tree will now be incorporated in the new development of Coles in Norwood SA and preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations. Lynette