Monday, 28 July 2014

More on the new plan from Coles Developers

I have looked at the revised plan from Coles Developers lodged with NPSP Council and the plan retains part of the current car park which surrounds both the Norwood Cork Tree and the significant River Red Gum. There is an allowance of 15 metres from the trees to the new buildings further east.
This is more than the required distance to retain the Norwood Cork Tree, without disturbance of the root zone, as a larger area was required in order to not disturb the root zone around the River Red Gum.

There will be underground parking beneath  the new supermarket and the shops. There will be a ramp for cars entering the underground car park from the southern end near the River Red Gum, which will be at ground level and rise towards the entrance. The area near the tree will be at ground level, so there will be no raised area near the tree.
The Council will establish requirements to avoid damage to the trees during the construction phase, which could take a year or more to complete, once commenced.
The matter is expected to go to the routine meeting of the Development Assessment Panel on 18 August 2014. DAP meetings are held in the Mayor's Parlour at the Norwood Town Hall (cnr George St and The Parade - enter via George St) at 7 - 11 pm.
We will post updates.

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