Monday, 18 August 2014

Norwood Cork Tree will be preserved

This evening the revised plan for Coles Development  off Edward St Norwood was passed by the DAP.

The revised plan preserves the cork tree and the significant river red gum near the cork tree in the car park on the western side of Coles, near Edward St. The car park will be retained in that area and there will be no building for around 15 metres from the trees on the eastern side.

The underground car park will be under the building and there will be no underground car park under the surface car park containing the cork tree and river red gum.

The development is described in the agenda for the 18 August meeting of the DAP, which is a PDF file on the NPSP Council website, but the attachments showing the plans are not published on the website.

Other modifications to the plan have improved the frontage to Edward St and the ratio of car parks to shops. There will be fewer retail outlets in the new plan.
The DAP members voted unanimously to accept the revised submission from Coles Developers and there were many comments made about the improved look of the new plan and the desirability of retaining these two trees.
It was reported at the meeting that the other parties to the development application had agreed that the new proposal satisfied their objections.

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